Front-Desk system Hotelgram PRO

Effectively manage your hotel or guesthouse. When using Hotelgram PRO you will have direct control over all your reservations with a clear reservation overview, easy account management, document distribution, and payment allocation. And yes - we also provide all the important administrative and governmental reports needed to run your business smoothly.

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Reservation calendar

Accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere

Hotelgram is a cloud application - with internet access you can log in anytime, anywhere. We also provide you with a mobile application for times when you do not have access to a computer.

Hotelgram application

Clear reservation overview

Be in control of your reservations. You can easily find the reservation you're looking for using full-text search in the reservation calendar, which you arrange. The calendar is interactive, so you can move, extend, or shorten reservations with a simple drag and drop method. Under the right mouse button you will find the most commonly used operations. Cancellation of reservations and fast check-ins have never been easier. You can also manage your health facilities, sports fields, and restaurant using minute reservations.

Reservation calendar - detail

Manager reports

Do you know your RevPar, occupancy rates, or the total revenue for your hotel? We Do! Our manager reports contain all the information you need to effectively run your hotel or guesthouse.

Manager reports

Reports for the Czech Statistical Office, Ministry of the Interior, and Foreign Police

Save time with automatically generated reports for government authorities. You can of course adjust reports according to your needs.

Reports for the Czech Statistical Office, Ministry of the Interior, and Foreign Police

Guest and company database

Improve marketing using your guest database. You can find reservations using full-text search and send newsletters to specific groups of guests. The database gives you access to the reservation history of your guests and guest companies. You can set automatic discounts for certain companies or add labels to make special groups. Your guests will also appreciate a birthday greeting which is sent automatically by Hotelgram.

Company database

Room accounts management

Room accounts will provide you with a detailed overview of services rendered for each reservation (meals, accommodation, taxes, retail sales, discounts). Items will be automatically loaded to the room account according to your pricelist. You can then easily print invoices for each room and also add payments to balance the account. Group reservation will give you the option of using room accounts or group accounts for the entire reservation.

Hotel account

Payment register including closures

Register of cash payments, bank transfers, and card payments in different currencies. Flexible cash book closure will allow you to:
- check for unpaid invoices
- see the cash book balance
- limit mistakes at reception
- make shift transfers


Itemized inventory system

Keep track of inventory and all retail sales including sales made through room accounts - access the information from reception.

Inventory system

Multi-system connectivity

We saved the best for last. Our Front-Desk system connects to other systems you use to manage your hotel. You can easily transfer restaurant or phone bills to a guest account. Export invoices to your accounting software or connect a heating system. You can even add guest accommodation cards with ID scanners - these are the possibilities of Hotelgram PRO. Take a look at the full list of partners.

Interconnectivity with other systems

Version comparison

We have two versions of the reception system - LITE for smaller, low-cost devices and a PRO version with comprehensive functionality for hotel professionals.
Both versions can be connected to Czech and global reservation portals and also to the booking engine on your website.




Management of reservations
Guest and company database
Accounting documents
Guest book
Foreign guest register
Reports for the Czech Statistical Office and the City of Prague
Website administration
Reservation history (user activity)
Mobile apps (reservation management)
Minute reservations  
Manager reports and statistics  
Housekeeping module  
Market codes
Exchange office
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